Braithwaite Football Academy

A FOOTBALL academy run by a Keighley school has received £1,000 from a West Yorkshire housebuilder.

Merlin Top Primary Academy received the donation from Persimmon Homes West Yorkshire as part of their Community Champions scheme.

The initiative allows charities and other groups to apply for funding up to the value of £1,000 to match money they have received themselves.

Since its inception in September 2017, Braithwaite Football Academy has attracted over 100 pupils aged five to eleven from local schools after securing £10,000 worth of funding from Awards for All.

Neil Walters from the PE department at Merlin Top Primary Academy, said: "As a school we felt that in Braithwaite there was not enough activities in the evenings to keep children engaged and give them a sense of purpose.

"The academy has allowed children from the area to develop football skills while gaining friendships and developing socially and emotionally.

"The academy has been a success but we were concerned it could only continue until July 2018 due to lack of funding.

"We'd like to thank Persimmon Homes West Yorkshire for this generous donation, which couldn't have come at a better time."

Simon Whalley, sales director for the business, said: "We're delighted to be giving this donation to Merlin Top Academy who've done an amazing job of encouraging youngsters into sport.

"We wish the project every success and hope this money will help sustain the academy for the foreseeable future."

Keighley News - April 2017