Children's Year of Safety

The Children's Year of Safety is a new initiative which The Lord Mayor is delighted to support "There's the old saying -It takes a whole village to raise a child - it may be an old saying but it's as true now as it ever was, and it means we are all responsible for keeping our children safe. The Children's Year of Safety will make it clear what that actually means for everyone over the next twelve months.We should all want the best for children - both our own and other peoples - and I would invite you to support this campaign which will show how much our children matter to us in Braithwaite and Guardhouse".

The idea of this campaign is really simple and it's based on everyone buying into six steps:

* All our children need to come to school every day and on time

* Primary school children need to be safely home by 8 pm for a good night's sleep, so they can do their best at school next day

* We must keep our children safe online - that means parents need to stay up to date with how to do this

* We want everyone to know exactly who to talk to if they have concerns about a child, and to have the confidence to do the right thing

* We need everyone to be safe around roads and cars, from making sure children are properly secured with seat belts to simply holding our toddlers' hands on the roadside.

* And children need to be able to play safely in the holidays