Merlin Top Primary Academy is a member of Northern Education Trust. The Trust delegates governance to local Governing Boards at each Academy.

Governors play a key role in the leadership and management of our academy. They share the responsibility for ensuring that our pupils achieve their full potential and learn and play in a safe environment.

Our academy governors also have a significant responsibility for the strategic direction of the school. This includes managing and allocating resources (including staff) and ensuring that the budget is managed and allocated where it is needed most. These are big responsibilities that require a level of commitment and skills from every member of our Governing Board.

The Governing Board at Merlin Top Primary Academy has the following members:

Merlin Top Current Governing Body Members

Governor Board Meeting Attendance 2016 to 2017

Academy Improvement Board Meetings Attendance 2016 to 2017

Audit & Risk Board Meetings Attendance 2016 to 2017

Achievement & Climate Board Meetings Attendance 2016 to 2017

Members of the Governing Body 2016 to 2017 included:

Mrs Anne Mody (Appointed 1.3.16, Resigned October 2016) Attended 4 of 4 Meetings.

Mr Naveed Riaz (Appointed 26.1.14, Resigned January 2017) Attended 2 of 5 Meetings.

Miss Lisa Balderstone (Appointed 6.10.15, Resigned April 2017) Attended 5 of 5 Meetings.

Governor Vancancies

There are currently vacancies on the Governing Board, if you would like more information about being a Governor at Merlin Top please contact the school.