Key Stage 2 SATs Results

Here you will find the Attainment and Progress for Key Stage 2 SATs results for 2017.


We had 43 children in year 6.

Subject Attainment National Average
Reading 56% 71%
Writing 64% 76%
EGPS (English, Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling) 56% 77%
Maths 67% 75%
Combined 47% 61%

Scaled Scores

The percentage of pupilsachieving the expected standard is a combined measure across the threesubjects. To be counted towards the measure, a pupil must have a scaled scoreof 100 or more in reading and a scaled score of 100 or more in mathematics.

Subject Merlin Top Average Bradford Average National Average
Reading 101 102.7 104
Maths 101 103.6 104
EGPS (English, Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling) 101 105 106


This year the DFE has introduced new progress measures for Primary Schools. For each subject, schools have been awarded a "score". If a school has a score of zero (0) this means that pupils make progress that is in line with other pupils across the country who had similar starting points. A score above zero (0) means that pupils make better progress, below zero (0) means that pupil progress is not as strong.

Subject Progress Score National Average
Reading -2.6 0
Writing -0.6 0
Maths -2.0 0

At Merlin Top pupil's achievements are also recognised for the following:

  • Musical accomplishments- Guitar lessons, Brass instrument lessons, and class music lessons.
  • i-challenge - Successful completion of the book.
  • 100% attendance award t-shirts and end of year trip.
  • Residential stays and visits.
  • Sporting excellence and for representing Merlin Top at tournaments and inter school events.

School progress is measured following the guidance from the document below by the Depatment for Education.

Primary School Accountability Technical Guidance January 2017

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