Lunchtime Activities

The lunch break is an important part the school day and one that should be enjoyed by every child. At merlin Top we believe in creating an active healthy lunchtime that impacts every child and has the following benefits.

  • Improved lunchtime behaviour.
  • Reduction in lunchtime incidents.
  • Improved concentration levels after lunchtime.
  • Increased activity levels.

To make sure we meet this criteria and enable every child to have an active healthy and enjoyable lunchtime we have a wide variety of activities available in a structured but flexible environment. These are:

Healthy Lunchbox Heroes

In the dinner hall lunch boxes are monitored and regular prizes are given out in assembly when we talk as a school what exactly is a healthy lunch and why it is so important.

Junior Sports Leaders

Our year 5 and 6 Junior Sports Leaders are out every day assisting in the smooth running of all activities, providing games and opportunities for all children to participate in.

Cycling Club

This runs every lunchtime and is accessible for all children in key stage 2.

Team Building Activities

Team building activities are part of our i-challenge curriculum and are out at lunchtime enabling the children to work together using their problem solving and communication skills.


We have two separate skipping areas for children in key stages 1 and 2. This is on the back of numerous skipping days we have throughout the year with our specialist skipping coach from Skipping 4 Schools.

Chance to Shine Cricket

Throughout the year we have a specialist cricket coach from Yorkshire Cricket Club working with different groups of children.


Football is available every lunchtime and is organised by specialist coaches in a structured environment enabling the children to play small sided games with children of the same age and ability.

Hula Hoops / Target Games / Catching and Throwing

We have a wide variety of different lunchtime equipment that our Junior Sports leaders and lunchtime staff bring out every day and create different games that all children can participate in.

The Den

The Den is an area for children with additional needs who can find the experience of the dining hall and playground challenging for a number of different reasons. It is a short term intervention area where children can eat their lunch and access a number of different activities on offer including scooters, gardening and climbing frames.