i-Challenge is an award scheme aimed at widening children's experiences through activities and trips. Underlying the foundation of this scheme are the three main building blocks (relationships, teamwork and confidence), something which we aim to support children with at Merlin Top. Take a look at our key skills progression map, which tracks the activities allowing us to monitor attainment and achievement throughout the year groups. 5-214-outdoor-overview-3.doc

The activities the children complete are specifically designed to help motivate and engage whilst learning lifelong skills. Some of these activities include: climb a climbing wall, canoeing, mountain biking and many more. Once children have achieved an activity they are given a sticker to show what they have accomplished, however, to progress they can complete an activity more than once.

Another opportunity to celebrate these skills is i-Challenge day. This is a fun filled day where we will invite families into school to join their children to complete activities and get a taste of the outdoor learning we do at Merlin Top.