Every child can cycle at Merlin Top

There's a special bond between children and bikes that can never be broken. Riding a bike is

a rite of passage, a passport to a world beyond the front door. Bikes represent fun, freedom,

fresh air and everything that's good about being a child.

Cycling plays an important role in the overall growth of your child. Not only does it help your

child grow physically, but also allows your child to grow mentally and emotionally.

At Merlin Top we are very passionate about the benefits that cycling can bring and set

ourselves a target that every child can ride a bike to a good standard by the time they leave

our school which sets them up for years of enjoyment in later life. To enable us to reach this

target we provide a range of cycling activities throughout the year groups, enabling the

children to develop during their primary school life.

Balance Bikes in Foundation Stage

In foundation stage children will use balance bikes which look like normal bikes but without

pedals. Research has shown that children who start learning on a balance bike progress

much quicker to riding a pedal bike than learning with stabilisers.

Lunchtime cycling club

This is run by Mr Clayton every lunchtime for children in key stage 2.


As we are a Sustrans schools we have regular scooter and cycling session within school

facilitated by their staff. We also have an annual Dr Bike day when children can bring their

bikes into school to be serviced free of charge by Sustrans staff.

School sports week - Scooter and Cycling sessions

Our school sports week will have many cycling and scooter activities for children of all ages

throughout the week.


Cycling is integrated within the year 6 P.E syllabus.


Children in year 5 spend two days doing their levels 1 and 2 Bikeability which is today's cycle

training programme. It's like cycling proficiency, but better! It's about gaining practical skills

and understanding how to cycle on today's roads, giving everyone the skills and confidence

for all kinds of cycling.

Off road cycle trip - year 6

All children in year 6 get a day out cycling with qualified cycling specialists. They cycle

around ten miles on a fun and challenging course. This is a true test of their cycling skills and

testament of all the different cycling schemes we have in school and our ultimate target of

every child being able to ride a bike.