Broad and Balanced Curriculum

At Merlin Top we believe children are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum that is delivered both inside and outside of the school day. This ensures that children are able to not only gain skills and knowledge within a school context, but will allow them to transfer skills acquired at school in a range of contexts. We believe that our broad and balanced curriculum at Merlin Top is outstanding and allows every child an opportunity to flourish. Just some of the additional provision for children at Merlin Top is outlined below.

PE and sport: Neil Walters, Jacob Collins, Paul Forrest

The team offer a wide range of sporting opportunities for all children. All children during the year will participate in intra-school competitions, competing in a range of sports. A wider range of sporting clubs is now available and is linked closely to the competition timetable overseen by Beckfoot Oakbank. All children who attend after school clubs will get a chance to participate in these competitions throughout the year. Furthermore, different coaches who specialise in sports such as cricket, dance and rugby are used to to supplement the curriculum and afterschool provision.

Art: Sian Hodson

Sian has worked with a large number of children across the school to create different art projects including creating the felt for the school library, reading corners for classroom provision and the 'Stay safe with Braithe' project. She has also run school holiday provision and created animations for children in a range of year groups.

Outdoor education: Neil Walters, Jacob Collins

Neil and Jacob have given the children at Merlin Top the opportunity to experience a variety of outdoor activities such as campfire cooking, kayaking and wall climbing. This is supplemented by activities on residential and links to our schools unique i-challenge curriculum which is underpinned by building teamwork, relationships and confidence.

Music: Carl White and the team

Carl and his team give many children the opportunity to play a variety of instruments. All children in year 5 are learning the trombone, some year 6 children are learning the guitar and a Samba session in an afternoon and after school is timetabled. Children who have joined music clubs either in school time or after school will be given several opportunities to perform either in school assemblies or at the Bradford music festival.

Drama: Luke Broughton

Luke, our resident actor works with children in Year 6 in the Autumn term to create a theatre production based on a text that links to the MyBD5 literacy festival. This year the theme is 'All being equal' and the text children at Merlin Top are studying is Wonder by R.B Palacio. Children will learn learn a variety of skills (academic and personal) through this process which ends with a theatre production watched by over 100 people in January. After Luke has worked with Year 6, he spends his time working with teachers and children in other year groups building confidence and speaking and listening skills.